Linda Hansen Mau

Form and surface are very important to me as an artist. Itís the relationship of an object within its' space that interests me. In pursuing this goal, I developed two unique techniques: paper clay on steel wire and external tar paper armatures . By combining my background in handmade paper making and metal work, I found I could fire steel in my sculptures producing unusual results. This open grid resulted in my Memory Series of teapots and organic sculptures. Using tar paper allows me to create very clean, geometric forms with a sense of stability and order. I find both peace and excitement in these pieces.


Linda Mau is a teacher, an artist and a writer. She teaches ceramic sculpture and is an active member of the ACGA (Association of Clay and Glass Artists of California) and Orchard Valley Ceramic Arts Guild. Her sculpture is included in many ceramic art books and in private collections and the permanent collection of the Fiskars Museum in Finland.
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